Institute of International Education

The Institute of International Education is an organization that works on a 'not-for-profit' basis. It promotes international exchange of education and training allowing people to experience various types of cultures and education systems. Established in 1919 in the United States, some of the sponsors of the organization have been eminent organizations like the US State Department, US Department of Energy, World Bank, Governments of Brazil, China, Japan and Spain, Levi Strauss, Goldmann Sachs Foundation, Ford Corporation and various other companies too.

The Institute of International Education has more than 7 offices in the United States and 13 offices across various countries in the world. The organization is in the business of exchanging people and ideas across the world. It creates programs for study and training for students, professionals and educators too. Some of the flagship programs include the Fulbright Program and the Gilman Scholarships that are administered by the State Department.

Some of the areas that the organization operates in include managing fellowships and scholarships, development of leaders, assisting students and scholars in crisis situations, providing educational service, building a higher and better education capacity and promoting international development.

The IIE has more than 200 programs that help enhance education, learning and exchange of ideas across the world. The governance of the organization is in the hands of a board of trustees who have come together from various fields and areas of expertise. There are also people from various colleges, universities and institutions that are part of the board.

There is also an advisory body that is spread across the various regions where the organization operates in order to provide insights into the headquarters about the needs and requirements of the region. Over the years, the organization has also set up various awards and honors that are presented to those who make outstanding contributions in the field of exchanging ideas.


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