Purpose of the Institute of International Education

The Institute of International Education believes in creating a feeling of mutual understanding, appreciation and trust and believes that this is something that is possible only by achieving a better understanding of the various nations. As people who appreciate various cultures and ideologies become global leaders, the world is likely to be a better and more peaceful place.

The Institute of International Education aims at achieving this peace through educational exchanges and by providing people to live in different countries so that they can understand the real environment that exists elsewhere in the world. The vision of 'Opening Minds to the World' is the driving force behind all the educational programs and exchanges that are initiated.

The vision translates into various mission objectives. The institute looks at promoting educational relations between the United Stated and other countries. There are attempts made to link and bond institutions of higher learning in order to reduce replications and rework. The organization also helps in rescuing scholars that are under threat or those who seem to be in crisis.

The core values of the Institute of International Education include integrity, excellence, global awareness, professionalism, collaboration and service. All the actions of the organization are honest and the institute is accountable for every penny that they spend. It also tries to achieve a global diversity among the staff that is hired by the institute itself so that global awareness can start right from the offices of Institute of International Education.

Working together, tapping into collective wisdom, respecting other individuals and their point of view, showing passion, innovation and commitment and demonstrating flexibility, reliability and dedication are part of what the Institute of International Education stands for. With the various programs that the Institute of International Education runs, they are on the right path to achieve these goals.


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